These are the best and the most comprehensive explanations about what is spirituality and which will clarify this aspect once and for all.

Now, because spirituality doesn’t really have a specific definition, it can actually be defined in many ways. This is probably one of the reasons why this has become such a controversial topic. I’ve personally met quite a few people who associated this term with new-age hippies, cults, religions, belief systems, dogmas, or other traditions around the world. Well, surprise, surprise, spirituality is none of that! In fact, it is the exact opposite of that as you shall discover in just a moment.
One of the best and probably the most comprehensive ways of describing spirituality I came across is by defining it as the process of making the mind free from fears, worries and non-stop thinking, and experiencing inner peace and bliss in one’s everyday life. In a way, spirituality is about making peace with the Universe, it is about accepting the facts as they are, and trying to live in harmony. Spirituality is about training yourself to be less reactive to the events happening in your life by freeing yourself from the monkey mind.
But of course, that is not all. In fact, spirituality can also be referred to as metaphysics, philosophy, mysticism, and so forth. Besides that, spirituality is the process of awakening from ordinary consciousness, rising above the ego, and awakening to a wider consciousness. It can mean expanding the mind beyond its limitations, thoughts, and limited viewpoints about life and the Universe.

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